Tuesday 10 January 2012

23ID - Kung Flu


A stunning collection of 5 tunes from 23ID, solo project of Karol Bujalski from Warsaw. With a long background in experimental music as a youth and with Polish exp/elec combo 'Wrenched Dandies', and under this name since 2005, his music is intelligent and satisfying strongly rhythmic IDM. As the name suggests, it's infused with discordian sensibilities. It is often unsettling, like the strident opening to this work, but there are also passages of intense beauty. Finely balanced, in an unbalanced way.

The vivid artwork is by Bernard Luc.

This free album represents some themes in 23ID's work over the recent past, and serves both as an introduction and as a prelude to a commercial release of current material later this year.

23ID website here.

DOWNLOAD MP3 (58mb) DOWNLOAD flac (176mb)

Or head over to Bandcamp for a listen. You can download there and even make a financial contribution if you wish.

As usual, this album is also posted at the Free Music Archive.

01. Avatarinirishstyle mp3 flac
02. Bird Flu mp3 flac
03. Happy Idiot mp3 flac
04. Drunk Moldova part1 mp3 flac
05. Drunk Moldova part2 mp3 flac

'Kung Flu' at the FMA

I asked A few people what they thought about Kung Flu.

Maciej Lorenc, editor assistant of "Transvision Magazine" said,
"Extremely weird, experimental IDM, highly recommended to all lovers of altered states"

Jason from Rag & Bone Records said,
Its a very interesting in depth rewireing of disparate dark elements. I like the glitchy breakcore-esque vibe to it."

DJ Dellamorte of Codex Machine and Radio Spiritpalnts said,
"Charmingly original and originally charming electronica. I especially love the old-school-raver-in-blender vibes of Bird Flu."

Louise Kattenhorn, producer at BBC Radio One said,
"At once beautiful and sinister, it's unnerving music, dark old skool rave and electronic loveliness warped by swarms of robotic insects."

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Based on a work at bujalex.w.interia.pl.