Friday 23 August 2013

Seneca - The Cashmere Jumper

Seneca gives us three tunes of glitchy hardcore, with appropriate and tasteful sampling.
This music was composed especially for this release, in the winter of 2012/2013.

Seneca is surprised at the number of people who have mispronounced 'Seneca'. This is much less common when it comes to his real name, Alex Osmond; 27 years old and based in London. He has a beard you can set your watch by. He's dabbled in hip-hop, electro, psytrance, hardcore, speedcore and breakcore across his relatively humble musical career. He does other things, like writing and teaching. Alex recently published his first book, a practical guide to essay-writing that has garnered some great reviews; email him for more information.

Peter from wombnet says:
"What I like about Seneca's music is, despite the hard style, it is soft in character, and communicates plenty of emotional range. He displays most typically the ironic ability of thumping machine-like noises to clear the mind and open the heart. While the bass pounds, the upper registers swirl with joy and sadness.
Sometimes, both at the same time. That's what good music can do, that words cannot.
It makes me laugh too. The vocal sampling in 'True Romance' is just so damn funny, and the playfulness of the music supports it beautifully."

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01.Tragic Bukkake Mishaps mp3 flac
02.This Belongs To Me (No Remorse) mp3 flac
03.True Romance (Sometimes) mp3 flac

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