Eclectic Music For Mind And Bodhi

Since October 2005, I have intermittently curated a  new/alt music podcast called initially 'The Peter Nelson Show', latterly 'Not The Peter Nelson Show', but always subtitled 'Eclectic Music For Mind And Bodhi'. This is a pun on the classic album by Country Joe & The Fish, and a reference to my conviction that significant art, which can take surprising forms, is truly good for the soul. My goal is to continually open my mind to what music is, and thereby experience personal transformation. I like to assist others to such experience, because all true pleasure is increased by being given away. To that end, I present my podcast, as a man of spirit listening to the collective heart sing.

Currently, you can find me on Dandelion Radio , which broadcasts as a monthly looping stream, so my show is on at different times every day. Times and current tracklistings are at the DR website.

This is me and my friend Coseyhead, who sometimes stands in for me.

Past tracklistings here. MP3s for many old episodes are available on request.
May the weed be with you

Several musicians have recorded sessions for the show. Below is a list with links to mp3s.

Same Actor
Drop and Skew
Jimmy Cairney
Vernon Lenoir (2)
Ryan Hardy
High Quality Recordings
Hey O Hansen
Iain Chambers
Santa Dog
Black Rabbit (Bruce Stallion)
Jesus Licks
Spinmaster Plantpot
D Aimler Entertainment
Vernon Lenoir (1)
Alan Titmash
DJ Steve Maccabe
DJ Buddhakkan Headset
Ergo Phizmiz
Steveless and Syd Howells