Friday 21 January 2011

Coseyhead Presents

Hello Music Lovers
Estranged as I am from t'internet, I nevertheless thought it appropriate to update the wombnet site. I don't know if there will be any more releases. Neither Sarah nor I are inclined to web work anymore. I've still got a toe in the music world...I'm still making mixes and I hope to do a few gigs this year, but I'm done with maintaining an online persona. However, the one thing I can be sure of is that all things change. Dust in the wind, dude...

So, please take a look at a couple of new pages in the menu bar above.
"Coseyhead Presents" contains links and tracklistings for various mixes under my DJ name. There's a couple of new ones you might not have heard.

Pearls is, perhaps, volume one of the best of The Peter Nelson Show, containing some of my most cherished tunes from the last 5 years. It started as a mix for my friend Ryan, who'd never heard my show but showed an interest in Mashcore.

There's also, a Dub In The Pub live performance from Nov 2008 I've called:

I always intended to make this mp3 available 'cos it went rather well. I edited it slightly for art's sake. Dub In The Pub may return this summer.

Another new page, "Podcast", contains links to mp3s of sessions recorded especially for my new/alt music show 2005-2010.

words are not enough...