Womb Records was established in 2004 to publish the music of Listen With Sarah. Our first release, "Are You Sitting Comfortably", was withdrawn from sale at the insistence of the creator of Ivor The Engine because of a 12 second sample. In 2007, we released work by Ergo Phizmiz and Codex Machine. Although artistically satisfying, coinciding with the dramatic drop in music sales associated with the rise of the digital market, these releases were financially unsuccessful. A few projects over the next few years didn't make it to CD, mainly due to problems with artwork. Our disillusionment with the capitalist un-free market was also a contributing factor. In March 2010, we decided to give it all away, and turned WR into a free netlabel, 'wombnet'. This website incorporates various musical activities.

wombnet releases are covered by the Creative Commons licence (non-commercial, share alike). This means you are free to download, use, remix or do anything you like to these MP3s, as long as it doesn't involve money.

If you play any of of our releases on radio, podcast, live or otherwise, please let us know. We'd like to thank you.

wombnet is curated by Peter and Sarah Nelson. Sarah used to make music as "Listen with Sarah", and was one of John Peel's last discoveries. Peter has been podcasting eclectic music since 2005, DJs with Dub In The Pub reggae sound system in Brighton and makes mixtapes (as Coseyhead).