Tuesday 9 October 2012

Don Trust - Tron Dust


Don Trust makes collage music that sounds like the picture above. It's clever and passionate and so, so full of colour. This is his 4th album, and to my mind the most consistent to date....in the sense of a whole album rather than a collection of songs. The tunes do stand alone, but as with many wombnet releases, the language of the music needs to be learnt, and is therefore more comprehensible heard as a whole. There's great freedom here, as we are lead through the post-impressionistic landscape of the artist's mind. Vocal and musical samples are ripped up and rearranged, but ease gracefully into rhythmic and melodic beauty. No form is sacred, and yet harmony is achieved.
....Well, I've never talked about a release that way.....what am I?...an art critic or something? ....but Don Trust's music makes me think that way. It's very bloody clever, like the other great talents of plunderphonics, but for me there's none so soulful. I recommend you grab the FLAC of this to hear it in it's full glory.

  Don Trust is Brian Gibson from Ohio, currently based in New York. You can find more at bandcamp here, and at his website glimpsecontrol.com


 01. I Will  mp3 flac
02. But Who mp3 flac
03. Tries Freedom  mp3 flac
04. Whst Is  mp3 flac
05. I Must  mp3 flac
06. Automatically  mp3 flac
07. Seventysix  mp3 flac
08. Mother Of  mp3 flac
09. Menahan  mp3 flac
10. Shipwreck  mp3 flac
11. S(o)un(d)  mp3 flac
12. And The Death Of A Friend  mp3 flac
13. In A Futile Effort  mp3 flac

Tron Dust at the FMA

Michael Szpakowski of somedancersandmusicians.com said:
"Anyone who has seen any of Brian's video work will immediately recognise here too the union of poetry - heady, strange, sensual - and discipline (and I mean the kind of discipline that is the pre-requisite of elegance, not discipline as some abstract moral quality) that characterises that work. There's a third factor, too, and for me it's a key measure or indicator or whether something detains me personally - all Brian's work is deeply human and humane. There's warmth and quirk and playfulness and sadness and tragedy and near despair, too - one feels addressed all the while by a companion human consciousness, a fellow sensibility - in some ways mysterious, and ineluctably other, in others so familiar as to feel a continuation of our own being. I'm too old to know whether one can dance to any of it but it certainly chugs along in the most contagious of ways."

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