Monday 13 June 2011

Coseyhead is still alive

Hello again music lovers. 6 months since my last post. How about that. I wouldn't say time flies, for that would give an impression of business. Lurches, perhaps.

I'm still involved with music. I've been playing live in Brighton. In fact, I did a set at the last Wrong Music event in May. Dub In The Pub is now monthly at the Gladstone pub....that's the yellow one near the Lewes rd roundabout. Ok...that's a bit local isn't it. Most of you who read this have never been to Brighton and never will, so you've no idea what I'm talking about. Not local....I worry about that... I suspect humans, like all other animals, go insane when removed from local concerns. Nevertheless, here I am in cyberspace. It's a compulsion to share, like a really good crap. I'm still making mixes, and have a couple to share with you.

Firstly, meet Nature Boy

This is Coseyhead, an inner me. The photo is of an unnamed Australian.
This is very different from my previous mixes because it developed as a live set.
For best effect, play very loud in a public place. Reggae. Definitely.
Here is the music .

Next is a message from Coseyhead concerning the death of the mythical personality to make way for a more unified consciousness. The picture below is a painting of a still from Fritz Lang's 1924 film "Siegfried". It shows his death at the hand of a former friend, in this case symbolic of understanding the true nature of ego, a snake in the garden indeed.

It is entitled "Mythunderstanding". MP3 here.

It's relatively chilled out. Medium to quiet volume. Be high. Definitely.
This is my first mix made with Ableton. Software can be such fun, but I wouldn't want to live there.

For tracklistings and more details see Coseyhead Presents .

Aufwiederhoren lieblings, and be careful handling sharp objects