Saturday 3 December 2011

Eclectic Music for Mind And Bodhi on Dandelion Radio

Some time ago I contracted all my and Sarah's websites into one...this one. Sarah hasn't been actively involved for a while. I don't like web work much. You won't find me on Arsebook, Myspaz or Twatter. I couldn't be bothered maintaining it all, as I have a life. I don't own a mobile phone, because I'm always where the party is. No shat-nav for the same reason.

My point is, my podcast is definitely back, for the time being, and broadcast on Dandelion Radio. New shows monthly, plus a few specials. All details at the Dandelion Radio website. I have to do enough paperwork for them, and I'm not going to do any more here. Tracklistings there too. I might update my own at some point, but right now I can see no good reason to.

My main focus on my show at the moment is free netlabels. I truly believe that the avant garde in sound art now resides there. The last hiding place from the the corruption of capitalism is to give it away. Without money, we exchange energy freely and The Man doesn't get his cut.
Live free in the midst of a bondage factory!

I alway used to go to great lengths to make myself easy to reach. I communicated a lot. I was one of the first podcasters to put up active links in tracklistings...oh, years take that for granted now, dont'cha? I kept multiple websites running...vigorously supported many artists, being as clear and effective as I could. What I think I know now is that the niche audience I'm aiming at will find me, will hunt me in the same way that I hunt for music. Because they give a shit about art that feeds the soul.

Eclectic Music For Mind And Bodhi is me, hunting and presenting music that I believe is good for the soul. It is honest, or direct, or abandoned, or surpassing beautiful, or the ugliest beauty, or entirely new to my ears, or archetypal, or spacious, or full. Dada as a whole.

blessed are the tunemakers