Saturday 1 May 2010

Steveless & Syd Howells-Stolen Owls May Die Fears Owner


Steveless, the doge of anti-music, is joined by his partner in being Steveless & Syd Howells,
Syd Howells. Steveless, apparently, is a bad friend and is not called Steve. Syd is a vegan, and
hence superior to all of you. They are both from Wales, a country well known for tune stranglers.
Neither of them is related to Harry Parr-Davies*.
This is a joint release with Fuku Records, from whom a CD version is available with different artwork. Contact Syd Howells. Website here.

Download zip here

01.Shit Muriel download stream
02.Kisses download stream
03.Volkswagon Camper Van download stream
04.Obi Wan Kinobe Killed James Dean download stream
05.Mullet download stream
06.Shabti download stream
07.Stolen Owls May Die Fears Owner download stream
08.Man Eating Badgers Of Basra download stream
09.Weird Experimental Old Men download stream
10.Next Wednesday download stream

Creative Commons License
Stolen Owls May Die Fears Owner by Steveless & Syd Howells is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

*Harry Parr-Davies, another notable Welshman, wrote "Sing As We Go", made popular by Gracie Fields, which was adapted by Monty Python to "Sit On My Face", one of the greatest love songs ever written.