DJ Sets

I'm particularly found of well mixed DJ sets, but I don't get out to gigs much, so I like DJs to come to me. Here's s selection of mixes. They're all exhibition pieces, in that they were recorded at home or in a studio, not live at a club. This page is a celebration of the musical form. The symphonies of our age. Of my various musical activities, it's making and listening to long continuous pieces that I enjoy most. I hope to add to this page with mixes from both amateur and professional DJs, new and old.

Varied genres, of course. As usual, right click and "save as".
Depending on your browser, left click should stream.

Suggested volume is practical rather than aesthetic. Mixes can sound very different depending on the volume. DJs are often used to playing very loud in a club or party context. Some I know have remarked on how cold it feels to play with no audience in a studio. I believe it can emphasise the music, whilst detracting from the performance element. Surely potentially a good thing? It's also part of the art of the studio/exhibition mix to make it sound good at different volumes without using compression.


Gaz Fisher

Gaz lives in a truck in Sussex. He plays all vinyl DnB, Techno & Reggae in and around Brighton and at Festies. 

Full Of Love MP3
2009; Drum n Bass; 45 minutes; vinyl; loud

Skank Williamz in session MP3
2011; Reggae; 76 mins; vinyl; any volume

Minimal Detroit Techno Mix MP3
2011; minimal tech; 59 mins; vinyl; any



D-Cyfer is Ryan Peters of Sussex.

Jungle2Dub  MP3
2011; Jungle/Drum n Bass with Dub/Reggae elements; 79 mins;. vinyl; loud

Total Mix part1 MP3
2011; eclectic (Hardcore/Drum n Bass); 79 mins; vinyl; loud/very loud


DJ Dellamorte

DJ Dellamorte lives on the genteel edge of that Londonshire, is a former resident of Rocksteady, member of Codex Machine and currently has an internet radio show at Radio Spiritplants . Websites; Soundcloud ; Blogspot 

Haunts Of Togetherness Mix  MP3
2011; Rave (Dubstep/DnB/Breakbeat/Techno/Electro); 
60 mins; software; medium/very loud